April is the BEST!

April was a literal life saver and if I can leave any bride with advice – it’s to hire a day of coordinator! My venue told me I didn’t need one because I was assigned someone to help me during planning, a ceremony coordinator AND a maitre-D but I wanted someone who represented me in case I ran into any problems with the venue or outside of the venue when they weren’t there to help me. I hired DMS and was assigned April about a year in advance. She checked in with me every month to see how I was doing and if I had any questions or concerns. Month of we ran through the timeline together, met in person for brunch and she got copies of all my decor instructions, contracts, seating chart, guest names, etc. etc. What was supposed to be simple day-of coordination turned into her managing a hotel block disaster where out hotel lost power and 50+ guests needed to be relocated and shuttles needed to be rearranged! She didn’t bother me with any of it and was actually the one who requested to be the one to call me the day before the wedding to break the news. She completely handled it and made me feel so calm and collected! Aside from that, she followed me around all night (from afar, not hovering or anything) so that any time I happened to be alone whether it was to go to the bathroom or run upstairs to get my bag, she was there to help. She set up my decor, supervised everyone else to make sure my vision was executed properly, helped me pee, helped a sick guest, fixed my tiara, veil, hair and on and on. She’s my queen!