To all of the soon to be brides out there, from a 2x bride (thanks COVID) I have only one recommendation, get a day of coordinator with Details Made Simple. I consider myself a very detailed oriented person, organized and thorough. Planning is what I do for a living so when I say Carla Friday with DMS puts me to shame, it’s a true understatement. Carla was our savior for our day not only once, but twice. One can imagine how impossible it was to plan and replan a wedding during a global pandemic and Carla was there for us every step of the way. From providing industry insider information to help us guide our decision to delay our big party to 2021 to donating her time free of charge for our “small” ceremony and dinner in 2020. Yes, in a global pandemic when so many were struggling, Carla graciously gave us several hours of her day to ensure our day was everything we wanted it to be. I can’t make that up and that’s just who Carla is, she cares for her brides like they are a part of her family. Carla had every detail covered from start to finish (for both wedding days) and made sure everyone and everything was where they needed to be at all times. Nothing was missed and every single aspect went off without a hitch. Brides-to-be, from an experienced bride I can say you don’t want to be worrying about the tiny, minute, little things when you are trying to have fun and enjoy your day with family and friends so again I say, be sure to get a coordinator with Details Made Simple and your day with be everything you’ve ever dreamed, I know mine was.