Kimaula at Details Made Simple was absolutely AMAZING!!! I cannot possibly say enough good things about how helpful and responsive she was from our first contact! I used Kimaula as a day of coordinator and I have told so many people it was the best money I spent on my wedding planning and she was worth her weight in gold. She provided assistance/advice/insight on all my random questions about everything from my mom’s urgent need for a bra that worked with her dress to planning the ceremony to helping us have an unplugged ceremony to having umbrellas available when we thought it might rain to sewing on my husband’s suit button when he popped it off before we got to the ceremony (we called her from the car on the way there, she asked what color thread and met us as we pulled up, needle in hand) to make sure my dad had his dancing shoes ready to change into before our first dance. My day was so much more enjoyable and relaxed because I didn’t have to worry or even give a second thought to anything I knew Kimaula was taking care of- and she took care of everything I asked her to and so much more, that I didn’t even think to ask her to. I fully intend to tell anyone I know who gets married in the future that they may not know it yet, but they need Kimaula to be their day of coordinator!!!