Details Made Simple is truly a God sent. My search for a day of coordinator started and ended with Carla. From our very first conversation, she made me feel comfortable with her knowledge, friendliness, and overall expertise in the wedding industry. She helped me to find vendors that fell within my budget. When I was freaking out about my centerpieces, she gave me advice on how to handle things with my florist. Her consistent check-ins to see if I needed help with anything leading up to the wedding eased my nerves time and time again. I’m sure my husband is thankful for that as well. During our venue walk through, she listened to our wants, asked the venue important questions that we hadn’t even thought of, and just reassured me the wedding would be perfect. During our rehearsal, I was emotional because of a family issue. Carla came to me while I was getting some fresh air just to make sure I was ok. Those little touches of care and attention are what makes DMS so unique. We didn’t have time to finish up our escort cards, Carla took them off our hands and finished them the night before the wedding. The day of our wedding, I didn’t have to worry about a thing except getting beautified! Carla had our backs as soon as we walked through the door. Every piece of our vision was executed flawlessly. She checked in with me and my new husband throughout the day to make sure we were ok. Not only did she make sure we were fine but also our parents, bridal party, and guests. Our wedding day was the day of our dreams. Everyone complimented us on how professional and personable Carla was. She truly is a gem. I know that this couldn’t have been done without Details Made Simple. Thank you so much, Carla, from the bottom of our hearts.

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