Best Decision We Made

I can’t tell you how many times my husband and I said that hiring Carla from Details Made Simple was the best decision we made throughout our wedding planning process. Carla completely saved our wedding from the disaster it was heading to be. I had never considered hiring a day-of coordinator, since our venue provided someone. However, once we started having some communication issues with the venue, we began looking for outside help. We were blown away by the number of 5 star reviews for DMS and knew we needed to talk to them. They were also much more affordable than we expected, and they were easily the most vital vendor for our wedding. Let me tell you, these 5 star reviews are well earned. 

Once we hired Carla, our vendors that had already worked with her were excited and couldn’t speak highly enough of her and DMS. Our vendors that had not worked with her before reached out to us to comment how great and on top of things she was, and how they are looking forward to working with her again. Carla handled all of our vendor coordination leading up to the wedding. You don’t really realize how much work and stress this saves you in those final days leading up to and especially the morning of the wedding.

Carla helped us in the months leading up to our wedding with everything we needed. The trickiest, though, was navigating the difficult personalities and inexperienced staff at our venue to ensure that our day still went off exactly as planned. Carla was so easy to talk to and work through our frustrations with, yet she remained completely calm and professional at all times. 

I don’t even want to imagine how different our wedding day would have been without Carla. She brought along another coordinator Amy, who was also amazing. All day, our families and bridal party just kept telling us how lucky we were to have them. Our venue continuously dropped the ball, and the DMS ladies were running around covering up the venue’s mistakes. They even pushed back to ensure that our ceremony was still outside and finished before the expected rain. My husband and I weren’t even aware of everything that went on day-of until afterwards. We were able to enjoy our day and spend time with friends and family without fully understanding all of the things that could have gone wrong, had these ladies not been there for us. 

If you are on the fence because your venue provides day-of coordination, just remember that they work for the venue, not you. The ladies at DMS will work for you and make sure your day is exactly as you want it to be. If you have any hesitation about your venue or any of your vendors, or you’re just starting to feel overwhelmed, reach out to Carla. The second we started working with her we were able to get excited about the wedding again. Just think, this will probably be the best decision you make throughout your wedding planning process 🙂