I mainly hired a day-of wedding coordinator to figure out the timeline and to make sure that I wasn’t the one having to tell everyone where to go and when. Angelica ended up doing SO much more, and handling much more than just the day of. My husband Jeff and I were married this past Saturday. Angelica was in touch consistently from the time I hired her last summer. She talked me down off many ledges, and listened to me vent when I needed to! It was wonderful to know that the timeline was set, and that all the vendors were confirmed. The day of the wedding, everyone commented on how calm I was. That’s because Angelica took care of EVERYTHING, even things I wouldn’t have ever thought of, and didn’t know I needed. She even helped remind the pastor how the ceremony should go! I would highly recommend Details Made Simple if you want to truly enjoy your wedding day. We certainly did, and can’t thank Angelica enough!!