I had a small-ish wedding (around 40 people), and I knew that on the actual day I wouldn’t have any time to manage anything. I also had less than 2 months to plan it (crazy, I know). I reached out to Details Made Simple and was assigned to Carla, the owner, to have a coordinator for the wedding day. She immediately scheduled a time to meet in person and made sure I wasn’t missing anything (I was missing a lot). Also, she gave me some great tips for other things I could do to ensure the guests were entertained without spending too much money. Any emails I sent her, she responded very quickly and always gave me the confidence that everything would work out. She even met me another time at the venue with the caterer and the manager of the venue to make sure we were all on the same page. Whenever I would get overwhelmed with work and would lose track of what needed to be done, I would get a friendly email reminder from Carla, just to make sure I didn’t need anything. If I did, she took care of it immediately. I then sent her the contact info for all of my vendors (DJ, Caterer, Florist, Photographer, etc) and then she made sure they were all aware of the timeline we agreed upon and had her contact information in case of any questions. Many of the decorations were created by my mother-in-law (which was amazing) and with very minimal design/placement direction, Carla and her assistant were able to decorate the entire venue (a beautiful house in an arboretum) and it looked amazing. I don’t know how she did it, but she made it all work. I even forgot to order dessert for someone that had a bunch of food allergies. Carla was willing to jump in the car and pick something up, luckily she found an even quicker solution. All the guests were happy, my family was happy and most of all, the groom and I were happy. A bunch of my guests were stunned at how I was able to pull off this beautiful wedding with only 2 months of planning. My answer is Carla.

<3 Renée