If you are reading this review right now, trying to determine who to pick for a wedding coordinator, I want you to stop what you are doing right now and call Details Made Simple and ask for Rachel. You will not regret it!!!! We originally hired Rachel in January on the three-month package for our original wedding date in November. We decided on her and Details Made Simple based on the strong reviews for the company we found online, but the reviews were understating the benefit of this hire. Right off the bat, we could tell she was sweet and would be helpful, but over the next few months she turned out to be so much more. Rachel truly cared about the success of our wedding, was always thoughtful, very organized, and always professional! Through it all, Rachel stayed with us, making sure that the new wedding was still going to be special. For both wedding dates, she scheduled multiple phone calls with us, making sure we developed a timeline, and that all our vendors were involved and informed with everything they needed to play their part. She was always available to answer any of the questions we had during the whole process. From the day before through the wedding reception, Rachel was always available to us, yet somehow everywhere else at once, making sure everything was going perfectly. By the time our nine months together was over, she felt like one of the family. I can not stress enough to you how much she really made all the details of our wedding simple! I urge you, if you want your wedding day to go off without a hitch, please reach out to Rachel! This is not a choice you will regret!