Partly through my wedding planning process, I realized that I was out of my mind and kidding myself if I didn’t coordinate the help of a professional. I searched “Day of Coordinators” in northern NJ, and the stellar reviews of Details Made Simple prompted me to contact the company. Shortly thereafter, I received a message from Kim Martir; she and I scheduled a call to discuss my event. Kim spent SO much time with me on the phone understanding my event and my needs, and she was just so comprehensive and full of advice. She was so kind and funny on the phone, and I thought that if she’s that thorough to someone who she’s just consulting who hasn’t even committed to her services, I can’t imagine how wonderful of a Day of Coordinator she would be.

Without a doubt, the best money I spent on my wedding is having Kim and DMS part of my day. Leading up to the event, Kim and I did a walk through of the venue, spoke on the phone, and emailed/texted a ton; she was always available and her accessibility is exactly what you want when you’re trying to coordinate a big event. Words can’t describe just how much Kim and Jess – the second Day of Coordinator – helped me and how much stress of mine they relieved by being so organized and on top of their games. Even at the church rehearsal – which Kim didn’t necessarily have to help me with – I was digging through my emails and couldn’t find something I needed; I was getting frustrated and finally just texted her asking her to resend it to me. Within a minute she had already sent it to me! It’s things like that that reinforce how much of a help she was, and I honestly can’t imagine not having her involved. On the day of the wedding, she and Jess were there to coordinate vendors, the bridal party, family members, and just about everything else. They also took on the probably annoying role of fielding questions all night; anytime someone came up to me, I had the luxury of just pointing them in Kim’s and Jess’s directions and they were more than happy to help and take on the responsibility. Both were so wonderful, and I honestly felt selfish and spoiled asking them for so many favors and them happily agreeing. Kim has such a kind demeanor and a nice personality that it was sincerely like having my friend help me out with my wedding. At the end of the night, she packed up all of the stuff that was mine and had it ready for me to go.

Perhaps not everyone requires a coordinator, but if you are even considering one, the amount of time you can spend focusing on enjoying your big day is far increased by having someone like Kim or Jess by your side sorting out all of the details. I couldn’t have been happier with DMS and would recommend them without hesitation. As lame as it sounds, I’ll miss Kim and working with her!!

Thank you SO much!!!