As a super budget conscious bride, I was really reluctant to hire a day-of wedding coordinator and only did so because my venue required it. But in retrospect, I am so very grateful that we got the opportunity to work with Shadé! Even though we had a relatively low-key event (comparatively speaking, of course) Shadé was always quick to respond the few times that we required her guidance prior to the event. DMS really does offer a great package of services for those with more traditional events. I did not realize how important a day-of wedding coordinator was until the day before our wedding when Shadé gave me a call to clarify where/when the photographer was supposed to show up. Despite our frequent communications with our photographer and multiple clarifications regarding the schedule, it turned out that there was still confusion surrounding the schedule and he was completely wrong about the when/where!! We only discovered this thanks to Shade’s due diligence in contacting our vendors and ensuring that everyone was on the same page. If not for Shadé, the photographer would not have shown up to capture the most important part of our day – our ceremony! There were so many moving parts that week (especially day-of) and I would have been absolutely devastated if our photographer had not shown up! That definitely would have ruined the day for me. Shadé was also an absolute dream through the entirety of our party that evening but really, by doing her due-diligence the day before, she saved our day. I am so very grateful to Shadé and DMS! If you’re cheap like me and need help justifying the expense, let me assure you that you cannot afford NOT to hire Shadé! She’s a superhero.

<3 Thank you, DMS!!!