Highly recommend Qunnah & Details Made Simple for anyone who wants to fully enjoy their wedding day! We decided to get a day-of coordinator because we felt like we had a lot of moving pieces (a ton of guests from out of town, separate ceremony & reception locations, shuttles, etc) to our wedding day, and we did not want to worry about any of it. Qunnah was our coordinator with the peace-of-mind package. A few months before the wedding we had a few calls with her to explain what we had planned for the day. She helped us figure out the timeline and what she would be handling throughout the day. She was super detail oriented and thorough and asked us things we hadn’t thought about. And she was super proactive too- I was surprised when she volunteered to come with us when we dropped off our decor at our reception venue, just so she could see the venue for herself and understand our vision. In our eyes, that definitely went above and beyond what we expected.

The day of the wedding was SO chaotic. We were so glad she was there! She handled all the running around for us and kept us all on time. My bridesmaids and I just focused on getting ready & getting photographed while she handled all the little details you don’t realize need to be done (she received and distributed the flowers to wedding party & family, made sure the best man had the rings, etc..) She made sure everything was in place at the church, made sure all the parents had their corsages, and carried my big bag of stuff for me and my bridesmaids. Between the ceremony and the reception, we had some light refreshments at the hotel, and shuttles to the reception for out-of-town guests. She oversaw all of that while we were off taking pictures with our wedding party.

It was so great being able to fully enjoy our day. Even on our way to the church, we found out last second someone was bringing an unexpected guest – we just texted Qunnah and she handled it. The whole day and night, she was always close by, so whenever we needed to find one of our vendors or find a family member, or needed her to get something out of the bridal suite, she handled it. At the end of the night, she handed out all the tips and gathered the gifts. She seriously saved us so much stress and I still can’t believe how wonderful our day went. Up to the wedding I was nervous because I have heard wedding day horror stories, and everyone told us that something was bound to go wrong on our wedding day. But for us, if anything went wrong that day, she handled it perfectly because whatever went wrong, we didn’t even notice. It was the best day ever and we cannot thank Qunnah enough!!