I knew I wanted a day of wedding coordinator so I could focus less on making sure the day ran smoothly and more on having fun. But I didn’t understand how much I needed Alex specifically. It’s hard to comprehensively explain how amazing Alex is, so will highlight just a few:
+ There are so many things unique to a wedding and Alex was always willing to answer any / all questions, even the very basic ones.
+ She adjusts her style / approach to fit with your personality. I’m type A and want to be in all of the details and Alex accommodated that. But she also talked about having more laid back brides and how they way she worked with them differed.
+ Alex showed her passion for and expertise in events / wedding early on. Because of this, I really trusted her judgement and listened to her suggestions / deferred to her.
+ Finally, Alex worked so well with all of my vendors. It made for a very stress-free few days leading up to the wedding and a super smooth day of. In particular, we had 2 different bus companies and Alex was on the phone with both day before and day of – adjusting timing, changing locations, etc. Things would not have been nearly as smooth without Alex running the show.

We also had the pleasure of working with Angelica, who is new to Details Made Simple. Even though it was her first wedding with the company, you can already tell how amazing she is going to be. She was always there, ready to help me or our guests in whatever way she could.

I highly recommend Alex and Angelica for all future brides. I would not have wanted to have my wedding without either of them.