I went back and forth about whether we REALLY needed a day of coordinator. I had all of the big items planned but was struggling with the overall vision of the wedding and some of the smaller details. So a few months before the wedding, I gave in and signed up with Details Made Simple, the VIB Package. April was our coordinator and she started helping me brainstorm ideas immediately. It was clear right away that April knew what she was doing. She was continuously asking me questions to get me thinking about things I hadn’t considered yet and suggesting ideas that matched my wedding vision. I was a pretty low-stress bride (I think), but the 2 times something went wrong during planning, I called April and she was cool as a cucumber and helped me come up with solutions to my wedding crises. April planned the overall timeline of the day, communicated it to our vendors beforehand and managed it throughout the day. I didn’t worry about a single thing on the day of the wedding. All the vendors came on time, everything that needed to be set up was, nothing was forgotten, no one came to me with questions, etc… If there was anything that went wrong, I didn’t hear about it. So what did I have to do the day of the wedding? Get married and have a blast celebrating! I’m not really sure if there’s much more you can ask for as a bride. There is 1 thing that did go wrong on the day. 45 minutes before the ceremony we realized we left the marriage license at the hotel (15 mins away)! And of course, I didn’t have a key to the room, oops. Without hesitating, April hopped in her car and got it for us. Not even sure how she got a key to our room, I guess she worked her magic! I’m so happy I had April to bounce ideas off of and coordinate our overall day. She helped make my dream wedding into a reality and I couldn’t have done it without her!