I was on the fence for a while about whether to hire a day-of coordinator. Hiring Details Made Simple turned out to be the BEST decision I made in wedding planning. I worked with Amy, and she was helpful even before the day of in allowing me to bounce ideas off of her, helping me keep organized, and even giving me a plan of attack for the wedding rehearsal.

On our wedding day, I really do not know what I would have done without her. Looking back now, it seems like everything went perfectly, impossibly smooth because I didn’t have to deal with anything except getting ready, then enjoying myself. In reality, as is always the case, little things were popping up here and there but Amy was putting out fires with grace and expertise before I even realized what was happening. She was also personally a pleasure to be around – especially on such an important day!

We also had the pleasure of working with April for a few hours. Our ceremony and reception were 40 mins apart, so Amy stayed at the reception site to oversee decorating there while April came to the ceremony and made sure that everyone was pinned, tucked, fluffed, ready for their entrances, ready and waiting for pictures, etc.

Wedding planners of any sort in the Tri-State area are not cheap, but Details Made Simple had the best prices I found for day-of coordinators who were well-reviewed online. I can tell you now that if there is any way to stretch your budget, do it, and hire these girls. You will NOT regret it!