My advice to anyone looking for a wedding coordinator for their wedding…BOOK NOW!! 

I had the pleasure of working with Shadé for my October 14th wedding at Place on the Lake. Working with Shadé was the best decision I could have made. She was incredibly knowledgeable, on-point, and so personable. The one thing that really stinks about my wedding being over is that I feel as if I lost a really good friend! I saw Shadé every month leading up to the big day; so it feels weird to not be driving up to Westfield to meet with her. I’m actually really sad!

A tip that I would give when working with Shadé is to be completely honest and open. There are no weird questions when working with her. No concern too taboo. She never made me feel stupid when I came to her with a concern or just a simple question on etiquette; which I appreciated since this was my first time…so I had no idea. You can only learn so much from reading The Knot! Also: I’m not really confrontational, so she was able to play the part of ‘bad cop’ for me when a vendor was trying to brush me aside and give me the short end of the stick.

Day-of she was a blessing. Everybody thought she was amazing – even my aunt who was completely against me hiring a wedding coordinator was amazed. Shadé was zipping around while my husband and I got to enjoy our day. She completely took the stress off of my husband and I – and also my mom and bridal party – so I really appreciated that.

Long story short, Shadé was a blessing to work with. If you’re looking for a young, fun, serious and knowledgeable wedding coordinator who goes above and beyond what is expected. Who is there to help guide you through every emotional spectrum expected of a bride-to-be (frazzled to relaxed), Shadé is it.

The girls at Details Made Simple were amazing. You’d be silly to not call them for your wedding.