I worked with Tamara from DMS and she really went above and beyond to make our day stress free and enjoyable. As a very type A personality, I pushed off hiring a day of coordinator for the longest time thinking I had a good handle on what needed to get done. Knowing I would run anxious and be a control freak from day one, after speaking with Tamara, I knew it would make the world of difference to transfer that responsibility to someone else. Tamara stepped in and handled EVERYTHING and stopped me in my tracks every time I started to think about a single detail. From timeline to steaming to carrying my train and making sure everyone in the wedding party was comfortable. She even packed up every last personal item from our venue and returned it to our hotel room at the end of the night so by the time our after-party ended, I didn’t have to think about anything. She was great to work with and even having had the most positive experience with our venue and onsite coordinators, I can’t imagine the day without her help.