Don’t over think the need for a “day of” coordinator!

We decided to incorporate a “day of” coordinator about three months or less out of our wedding. It was something that we discussed off and on but always thought it was a waste of money.  We were well in the planning process, so I kept wondering why are we paying over $1000 for someone to coordinate the hard work we already put in. It all came a reality when our venue’s banquet manager, Bill retired. He was always responsive via phone and emails and one of the reasons we booked our wedding venue.

So, after not hearing back from the new banquet manager after multiple attempts, we decided to seek out additional help. We were also struggling with vendor contracts. As time gets closer we didn’t have a bunch of time to follow up with vendors, remember who was owed what and etc.  We found Details Made Simple via Instagram. I spent a lot of time researching and decided on Details Made Simple due to the reviews. I’m a review person. We were assigned Kim.

So Kim was cool from the start. She’s very funny and down to earth and will pretty much go with the flow of what’s happening.
She was helpful because she would help us save money by recommending not to do this or that and even offered to lend a personal item of hers outside of her emergency kit. She was able to reach vendors we couldn’t reach and that was a major plus. We saw Kim’s value the day of our wedding. Every time we needed something she was responsive. We had two suit rooms and a big bridal party.

She called my family that was late to the wedding, she helped put on the boutonnieres because we all were clueless. She made sure everything went as planned. She also was able to manage our maitre d (who seemed to be in constant conflict with our officiant).
Again, if you’re on the fence regarding services, don’t over think it.

Unless you have a friend that plans to not enjoy your wedding because she’s trying to be your planner and guest, hire Details Made Simple.