Absolutely AMAZING!

Where do we begin?! First and foremost, anyone planning their wedding knows how nerve wracking making it all come together can feel. I was committed to planning, but really wanted to be able to pass it over for the big day. Carla was THE BEST investment we made! We did the Peace of Mind package and she exceeded my expectations. She is super responsive, but not in an overbearing way. She also was very flexible with coordinating everything we needed and did a fantastic job at matching our vibe we wanted and ensuring she knew what mattered most to us, while also giving her professional opinion!! Trust me – it’s so helpful having someone that knows and can suggest ideas that will actually bring your vision to life. We were married at The Foundry in LIC, NY and had planned on doing most things out doors…naturally, 24 hours before we had to change plans because of potential rain! Carla immediately jumped into action and kept us super calm. She also stood up for what we wanted and wasn’t afraid to speak up on behalf of us with other vendors. I have to be honest – I legit was so incredibly happy with the way it turned out and her ability to make the change still my vision! In fact, I wish I would have initially planned to do it the way we ended up having to do it. She ensured it still felt like what we wanted instead of harping on how it wasn’t the original plan! I die for that!

She is so down to earth and truly there for you as a couple. It was more than seen and appreciated by not just us, but also by our entire bridal party and family. They all adored her! I couldn’t have imagined our wedding without her.