Details Made Simple and Candice are simply amazing. I was married in April in PA and live in OR so I knew long distance planning was going to be difficult. I had signed on with Candice to mainly be there to take care of all the details during the day of the wedding so that my mom and I could enjoy the day and not deal with all the minor things. What Candice provided was 24/7 OMG I’m freaking out service, she was always thinking ahead an kept me on track with everything. If I needed anything she was there to do. Skype, texts, calls all to get me through planning from afar. The day of Candice checked in with us in the morning, made sure the venue looked as I dreamed (and better), kept us on task for pictures all while dealing with my loud Jersey family. There could have been a ton of things that went wrong but I will never know because Candice really took care of us and made sure we had the time of our lives!

Mother of the Bride, Arleen

Candice, I could not let the day go by without telling you how much I just love you! You were absolutely fantastic! You always met us with a smile, a positive attitude, a can-do attitude and the confidence that made us believe that you could handle anything. And you did!!! You were my hero, my right hand and most of all my new friend! Please accept our thanks, our gratitude and our best wishes for all your endeavors.

Love always, Arleen