Shay was amazing!!

For anyone on the fence about hiring a coordinator or about whom to hire: Shay Georges should be your first and final choice! We initially hired a wedding coordinator because our venue required one. We went with DMS on the recommendation of a friend (who had worked with a different DMS coordinator). Little did we know that Shay would be truly indispensable for realizing our vision. We just can’t imagine having our beautiful celebration without her expert help. Shay was extraordinarily communicative from start to finish. We had a somewhat complicated wedding, involving several DIY elements and last-minute choices. Shay helped us navigate all of it, making sure each and every vendor was on the same page and consulting with us frequently as we put everything together. When it came to our wedding night, we simply have no idea how Shay managed to be everywhere at once. Any time any detail needed attending to, Shay seemed to be there—and long before we thought of it (if we ever did). Whenever we had questions, Shay was available and helpful. Again, we just couldn’t have pulled off the wedding without her. Thank you, Shay and Details Made Simple!

Photographer: Inbal Sivan