I cannot say enough positive things about Zaakira. I chose the Peace of Mind package and prepaid for $200 off (love that!). I started working with her a few months out, and from the get-go she was indispensable to us. She was incredible organized and always very prompt in responding to my emails (which sometimes I sent rather a lot of). She is extremely thoughtful in her suggestions – having never planned a wedding before, I often had no idea what I was doing and she always comes in with options, ideas, and a clear explanation of how things will impact the overall event. What I love about her is she has this very calm, relaxed, but highly effective way of getting things done. Even in the face of stress, if the couple is disagreeing with each other or the venue or what have you, she is EXCELLENT at diplomatically navigating and getting everyone to agreement. I absolutely loved her approach to organization – she gets a timeline going, keeps you up to date on your progress relative to her checklist, and follows up if you have forgotten to get back to her. There were absolutely no gaps in our wedding planning and it’s all thanks to her. The same goes for her approach to execution on the day of – she was a calm but ultra prepared force keeping all the zillion things on track. Not only did she perfectly execute everything that we planned and take all the stress off our plate by handling day-of decor, drop-offs, interactions with vendors, etc but she had some really creative saves in unexpected situations. Once or twice something out of our control popped up, and she came up with awesome, elegant solutions that I loved as much as the original plan. At the end of the night, she wrapped everything up so seamlessly I felt like I was walking out totally unencumbered. No leftover items at the venue, no open vendor payments, no missing gratuities… I walked out and I was done planning a wedding forever! Zaakira is AMAZING!!!!!!