Details Made Simple = Weddings Made Awesome!

After we realized that we could not adequately plan a wedding in Philadelphia when we lived in San Francisco, we realized we needed feet on the ground. We interviewed at least 10 coordinators. When we met Candice, we knew we had the right match. Candice was friendly, professional, yet firm–exactly what we needed when wrangling vendors, wedding party members, and unruly relatives. The DMS team was very clear about what they would offer. Once a week, from June until October, Candice would check in with us, following up to ensure that we were on task. She also reached out to our vendors, ensuring that they were on top of their tasks–including providing certificates of insurance and final balances. During the week of the wedding, I’m sure we talked to Candice more than I spoke to my mother (a huge feat, considering I was getting married in a number of days!). Candice created a timeline and revised it with us as necessary. She followed up with all of our vendors, making sure they knew where to go and when. She told all of the vendors to go through her for those pesky last-minute questions. She kept us very relaxed, and made sure that major and minor details were not forgotten! On the day of the wedding, Candice and her assistant April started their day checking in with me and my husband. She made sure that all of the reception decors was brought to the venue, and that it all arrived in one piece. She got the wedding parties to the venue (separately!) and made sure that the shuttles ran on time. She worked incredibly well with our on-site vendors: the venue coordinator, photographer, videographer, Photo Booth attendant, and DJ. If there was a crisis, I can tell you I know nothing of it. She coordinated the clean-up of the venue, and got the checks to the vendors. She did all of this while remaining calm with a big smile on her face. We were able to enjoy our wedding and the days leading up to it!