Dear Carla, Now that all the parties are over. We wanted to say thank you for making this day so amazing. I am so tough but I never cried so much in my life. After all I’ve been through and part of it you witnessed I found my true love and my dream did come true. You were the biggest part of making this happen for us.

I am definitely glitzy, but I come from a very humble background. My parents and grandparents came to the US with nothing so my sister and I could have a better life, and we made it. We are living the American dream. You’re not just a wedding coordinator. You’re someone that stands for freedom and is something we all need to fight for today. We take it for granted . You’re an amazing accepting person and you are making a difference in the world. If more people were like you we would not have such hate and prejudice, but I do believe changes start out small and spread. So, I wish you the best . I hope you find your true love also. Someone who knows how special you are and just appreciate every little aspect of your amazing personality and give you all the love you need. You’re amazing! Love, Guido and Chad <3