Peace of Mind

We are so glad we hired Miquel and Details Made Simple’s Peace of Mind package for our wedding!

When we first met with Miquel a few months ahead of the wedding, we communicated that we were most concerned about logistics with guests traveling to and from the venue, timeline creation and managing the vendor’s arrival and setup. We anticipated there would be some issues that arose on the day and were confident that Miquel would be able to address them and keep everything on track.

Miquel worked with us to create a detailed and realistic timeline for our wedding day, discussing it with us through many iterations until everyone was comfortable. I didn’t realize how challenging it would be to pull someone in the weeks prior to the wedding and explain exactly how all of the pieces fit together. I consider myself well-organized, but going through it all step-by-step with Miquel definitely helped make everything more clear for all of our vendors.

The banquet manager at our venue proved to be quite difficult to communicate with throughout the planning process. In the days before the wedding, Miquel helped us call and email the venue persistently to get the answers we needed.

Once it came to the day of our wedding, we were confident Miquel (and Amy, who joined us for the day) would be able to handle any issues that arose with ease. Miquel and Amy did quickly and efficiently solve several issues, particularly with the bus company, but they absolutely minimized the impact on our guests.

Having Miquel in control made it so much easier for me and my husband to relax and enjoy everything we had worked so hard for throughout the year of planning!