Hello! I worked with Miquel from Details Made Simple and she was the most helpful and key person at our wedding! She was always on time or earlier than expected. She was so relatable and sweet. I could not have asked for a better day of coordinator! Even though I only booked her for the Peace of Mind Package, she was assisting me with timelines, vendor contact sheets, looking over contracts, helping me store everything in her house, and helped me throughout the event. I received so many compliments about her that day. Initially, I thought I wouldn’t need a coordinator, but thank goodness she was there. I was able to enjoy our wedding and connect with friends and family, and of course, be with my husband. I can’t say enough things to really express how great Miquel and Details Made Simple were! It is good to know you guys hire the best people. Looking forward to working with Details Made Simple again when I renew my vows with my husband. Thank you!!!