Hiring Details Made Simple was one of the best decisions I made throughout the planning process. When I first started planning my wedding, there was one thing I knew, and it was that I did not want to be stressed out on my wedding day or worry about a single thing. You spend over a year dedicating your time to planning the biggest event of your life – you NEED someone that can take charge on the day of for you so that you can take in every moment of the experience. I went with the Peace of Mind Package and had Shay as my day of extraordinaire. She was magnificent. She followed up with me continuously throughout the planning process to make sure I was on track, she was always on time, and she always made me feel at ease when I had freakouts about dresses, suits, flowers, you name it! Two weeks before the wedding she even told me to have my favors mailed to her so that she could put them together for me since she knows I work full time and each added project was driving me insane. Don’t know what I would’ve done without her!

A few hours before the wedding, she drove to the store to buy linens for me since I didn’t have the right amount and had a mini panic attack. At one point during the wedding, I think I saw her sewing one of the groomsman’s buttons back on his jacket and thought to myself – OK she is amazing AND prepared. Seriously, a lifesaver. If you are hesitating about spending the money, do not even think twice. Worth every penny! THANK YOU SHAY!!!