We are the kinds of people who like to DIY and we were doing just fine with planning things on our own. However, in the months leading up to the wedding, I realized that I would go out of my mind if I did not have a professional orchestrating everything not just the day of the wedding but the weeks and days leading up to it. And that is where Melissa from Details Made Simple comes in. She helped orchestrate everything together. Melissa took the time to ask questions and figure out what we needed and her follow-up skills were excellent. The other DOC’s that we reached out to was pretty much more of a “fill out this form, here’s a quote” and then we would just never hear from them again. We love, love, love, lovedddd Melissa! She was always there to give her input and ideas and was always accessible via email or text. She really did take the stress away from us, coordinating with not only the vendors but also our family and bridal party. She made sure things were set up on time and exactly how we would want them. If something did go wrong that day, we knew little to nothing about it as Melissa took care of everything. If you are like us and have been doing it on your own, trust us, spend the extra and get a DOC from Details Made Simple. You have spent all that time putting details together, now let someone take the stress away so you can enjoy the big day. After all, do you really want “Aunt Sally” putting the Welcome Board that you worked so hard on in the corner of the room where no one would see it?