We used Brooke Watson from Details Made Simple as our “day of” wedding coordinator. Although she was scheduled to really start to work a month before the wedding date, she made an exception to meet with us much earlier for a venue walk-through because both the bride and the mother-of-the-bride were both coming from out of town and scheduling was difficult. We had her attend both the rehearsal and the wedding day and she was super! Because of the nature of our venue (a public concert hall), set-up was limited to the morning of the event. We handed over all kinds of supplies & decor to Brooke at the rehearsal and she spent most of the wedding day making sure the reception venue was perfect for us upon arrival, coordinating with our florist, the caterer, and the venue staff. After making sure all was great at the reception hall, she shifted to the church where we had pre-ceremony pictures. With 8 bridesmaids, 6 groomsmen, and tons of family, she did a great job of “herding cats” to make sure everyone was where they needed to be. Her toolkit of repair tools came in handy to fix a variety of disasters, from split groomsman pants, shirt studs that came apart, and a wilted groom’s boutonniere repaired with flowers from a bridesmaid’s bouquet. During the reception, she kept us on our schedule and did a great job of reigning in a bandleader who went a bit off script with the schedule of events. Mother-of-the-bride is a bit of a “Type A” personality and made a master spreadsheet of events, timeline, etc. and Brooke was gracious in dealing with that level of crazy. She was sweet and helpful and made everything run as smoothly as humanly possible. We are so glad we hired Brooke and Details Made Simple.