The Absolute Best!!!

I’m not even sure where to start with my review. I was in a very desperate situation that turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I was married on 10/7/2023 and Details Made Simple (Carla) made sure it was the most beautiful, and least anxiety provoking day. I had previously booked a Day Of Coordinator in March 2023. This DOC promised me the world and more for my October 2023 wedding. We’ll fast forward to August 2023 meeting with my venue, I was alone and freaking out. My DOC (not Carla) bailed on me for the venue meet, and made me feel like I was panicking for no reason with a timeline that will be formulated week before wedding. (Again not Carla)

Thanks to my maid of honor coming through with an amazing recommendation, I was given Carlas’s number after feeling defeated and upset with my previous DOC not supporting me or showing up for me when necessary.
After 2 hour conversation with myself and my mom, I immediately felt at ease with Carla. My concerns were validated as “No way should a timeline be started 1 week before event”. With many tears had during our initial conversation, that night I slept the best I had in all my wedding planning with Carla coming to my rescue and the rest is history.

Details Made Simple is just that, Details Made Simple. From hiring (DMS) that August evening to my wedding on October 7, 2023, I was in The best hands Possible!!!

We had a few phone calls in the weeks leading up to the wedding, and the month leading up to the wedding, myself and Carla were in contact regularly. She never hesitated to answer and email, a text or a phone call. I received updated timelines in my email on the regular, she contacted any vendors with whatever tasks were still not done, to her absolutely loving on my 3 year old niece on my wedding day, Carla was like having an extremely organized “family”member take charge and make sure myself, my husband and my bridal party had nothing to worry about on the wedding day. I can not speak highly enough about DMS services, professionalism and overall delivery of event planning. Carla, I am forever grateful to you!

P.S. Carla was not available for my rehearsal at the church, but we had her team member Shadé.
Also AMAZING. We were not an easy group and she got EVERYONE in place and running our ceremony as it was supposed to be. Thank you Shadé for being there for us!