Priceless Piece of Mind

Hiring Details Made Simple was the best wedding present I received from my now-husband. We had been working with a venue that was particularly difficult to contact and deal with. The venue had caused some sleepless nights and quite a bit of stress for us. Then, Shade came along! The moment we had a conversation with her about what she could do for us and how she could help, my then-fiance and I nearly cried. What a relief!!!!!! Shade was a saving grace and made our wedding a stress-less, wonderful, incredible experience. The fond memories I have of our wedding would not have occurred without her diligence, organization, and professional demeanor. Justine was the additional coordinator we brought on for the day of who was also incredible. She was always by my side making sure everything was okay, holding my bouquet, fixing my dress, and attending to any immediate needs. She even ran out and did a liquor run when we ran out of whiskey! I highly, highly, highly suggest that you hire these women for your special day. Being stress free the day of your wedding is priceless.