I just wanted to send a note to RAVE about Zaakira! We couldn’t have asked for a better person. She was a freaking ROCKSTAR!! And not only did we notice it/ appreciate it, but my family and whole bridal party has gone out of their way to make (unsolicited) comments to me about how amazing she was.

While we were prepping for the day I knew she was a real gem. She was on top of EVERYTHING and available whenever I need ANYTHING. But OMG the day of… things could not have gone smoother and it’s solely thanks to Zaakira! I didn’t have to worry about a single thing and she was legit EVERYWHERE all at the same time. Anytime I needed something she was available… and same goes for my bridal party. My MOH had to get surgery the night before and she knew she was in pain, she helped her out of the venue and into a car…. while not skipping a single beat with what was happening inside. Just one of the many examples!!!!

Honestly words cannot express how appreciative Justin and I are for her… this email doesn’t even do it justice! We fully recognize that she busted her butt for us to have the perfect day and we all just keep talking about how we could not have had such a perfect day without her!

Thank you again!