Where do I even begin? My now husband (ahhh! still not used to it!), Juan, works in operations, and I’m a teacher, so we both understand the benefits of smooth logistics. We’ve all experienced a poorly planned event at some point in our lives, and since a wedding is truly about the love (no offense, nicely folded napkins), we didn’t want any sort of logistical hiccups to rob us of our day. For these reasons, finding an organized coordinator for our wedding was TOP priority. At the start of the research process, we were prepared to keep our expectations high, ask questions, and certainly not settle. What we weren’t prepared for however, was meeting and being blessed by the literal Queen/ GOAT of all things wedding and wedding coordination, Ebony Deloney. From the moment we first chatted with Ebony, we absolutely KNEW she was the intelligent, supportive, thoughtful, kind, and fun human we needed to help us execute the day (which she did flawlessly by the way). Each conversation, call, chat, and email thread was handled with the utmost care, and although we were working together virtually (thanks, COVID), it truly didn’t feel like it. Ebony asked all the important questions, and provided answers/ solutions for our stressors. If you’ve read this far, I now feel safe admitting to you that I am a complete and utter control freak. There I said it. However, I felt ZERO need to take over with Ebony behind the driver’s wheel. This incredible woman even joined us for our rehearsal, AND gave a stern talking to the groomsmen who were late (BLESS HER HEART). When our big day finally arrived, Ebony was timely, SUPER supportive, and solutions oriented. I mean she individually walked bridesmaids to the church from the bus so they wouldn’t get wet from the rain, and was on standby during the couple’s portraits to cover me with a coat between shots because it was freezing. Like, come on! #SORCERY. Each part of the wedding flowed into the next with ease, and Juan and I were free to enjoy each other and our guests. She even reminded me to eat and enjoy my signature drink! On top of all the logistical magic created, Ebony ensured that our families & friends, NYBG staff, and other vendors were happy and comfortable. I’m not sure how she juggled it all by herself, but she did, and with grace. Finally, Ebony was FUN. Her radiant energy kept me positive when photos took longer than expected in the AM, and she threw down on the dance floor, which was perfection. Overall, I didn’t feel like I was working with someone we hired. I felt like we were working with a friend. A friend who had their sh*t together and definitely made the details simple. @ash_roth @jxxgomez for pics!