I couldn’t have done this without them! 💕

TLDR: I literally adore Kim and Carla and if their kindness is any reflection of all the coordinators here, you should run, not walk, to hire them. The pictures show Carla behind the scenes, running the day.

I was so nervous about the entire process of planning a wedding and came across Details Made Simple. Their packages and the services offered were everything I needed and more to help give me peace of mind that I could do this.

Kim helped me plan the day of timeline, ensured all the vendors were in the loop on expectations, though on the day of, she was sick (with a 100+ degree fever) and still drove all the way to the venue to check on me, make sure I was set up, and introduce me to her boss, company owner Carla who was going to take over for the day. That level of kindness is so rare and I still get emotional thinking about how much Kim did for me in the lead up to the big day.
Carla, who is in my opinion the queen of all things detail oriented, took over and within minutes it felt like I’d known her for years. She coordinated the arrival and setup for all vendors, ensured that the schedule didn’t get too cramped or overwhelming, and helped manage some of the more stressful moments of the day – all while making me laugh and taking the pressure off.

My planners helped in making sure that decorations look as planned, wrangled all those complicated family “must have” photos, and distributed tips and final payments at the end of the night. I was able to be in the moment because of my wedding planners, Kim and Carla, and I appreciate their added care and unwavering defense of my husband and my happiness on the day of – acting as bouncer, hype women, point person, and confidant the whole day long.