When I started looking for a wedding coordinator two months before our wedding, I was completely overwhelmed by the whole process. I am a highly organized type-A planner but between a new job and writing a book, I had taken on more than I handle and desperately needed help with the wedding. Without any exaggeration, I can say that Zaakira was an absolute lifesaver who took so much stress off of me and I don’t know what I was thinking when I thought I could plan a wedding without a coordinator like her.

From the start, Zaakira was so kind, patient, and helpful that I immediately knew our wedding was in the right hands. She listened to us and heard our concerns and questions and got us all the answers we needed fast and with clear explanation. She is such an expert on everything to do with weddings and demonstrated that this really is a job for professionals. She took care of things we didn’t event think of and made sure every detail of the wedding was under control–from cocktail signs to vendor arrival times and so much more. Her schedule for the day was amazing and covered every step of what we would do during the wedding. As an amateur actress, I quickly realized Zaakira was our stage manager in charge of our wedding and clearly the most important person to make sure it all happened.

Zaakira is extremely kind, friendly, personable, enthusiastic, polite, energetic, classy, organized, calm, and a joy to be around! She is perfectly suited for this high stress job and she thrives in leading these high pressure events. On our wedding day, she seemed to be everywhere and I honestly have no idea how she made everything happen so well. She would just appear out of nowhere like magic to make sure everything was going well and she took care of any issues quickly and effectively. When our chuppah was made incorrectly by the florist, she worked with my mom and the photographer to make sure it was fixed with just a few minutes before the ceremony started and my husband and I had no idea until after the wedding. She made sure nothing ruined our day–from the chuppah mistake to the rain (we got our photos outside and she got us an uber to drive us around Old Town Alexandria!), she kept everything going and positive and made me feel so calm throughout the day. She even went to find my husband when I wanted him to come out and dance with me during the party! (I love dancing and he had just gone to talk to friends, lol).

Zaakira worked so well with my family, friends, my husband, and me. and I could go on and on about how wonderful she is. Zaakira is the absolute best wedding coordinator, hands down. I wish I could hire her just to organize my normal life or my book project!

So, thank you Carla for assigning Zaakira to our wedding, and Zaakira–thank you for making it the most wonderful day. We are so very grateful for all of your time, expertise, and kindness.