Lauren Wilson was our Day of Coordinator for our wedding and I can’t emphasize how helpful Lauren was before the wedding and the day of. We met a few months prior to discuss details and she gave me ideas I hadn’t thought of and she gave me advice on making the day run as smoothly as possible. She came to the venue with me for the meeting to review the details and her help was tremendous. On the day of the wedding, anything I needed, Lauren was five steps ahead. When I arrived at the venue, the decorations looked exactly how I wanted and throughout the evening she attended to myself as well as the bridal party. My Maitre’d was so thrilled to work with her and said that she was on top of every detail and has never worked with a day of coordinator like her. The wedding was supposed to be outside and got moved inside due to a thunderstorm and Lauren and the Maitre’d made sure everything was smooth and the ceremony was perfect. I cannot emphasize how helpful Lauren was on the day of our wedding. She is a gem and the price was well worth it and then some. Do yourself a favor and make sure you get to enjoy your big day like I did. Book Details Made Simple as your Day of Coordinator!!!