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The Toughest Parts Of Choosing Your Bridesmaid Styles

Azazie x Details Made Simple Wedding Day Coordinator

The Toughest Parts Of Choosing Your Bridesmaid Styles

Choosing the bridesmaid’s dresses for your wedding is a stressful job. However, if you let professionals help you out with that, it can be enjoyable too. There’s no secret that Azazie is a synonym of quality when choosing your special occasion dress. Since Azazie’s foundation, these dresses have been made to touch the hearts of people who wore it and make something amazing and glamorous in the same way.


It is not just the exquisite design that we love so much about Azazie. It is about the Azazie’s philosophy that everyone should own custom-made dress. It is also the strategy, materials used and other crafting techniques. Could you perhaps call it an all-encompassing philosophy? Maybe. It’s what makes their products stand out.

Azazie x Details Made Simple Wedding Day CoordinatorEven when you have decided on a color and a style, there are many other things to consider. Take at look at your bridesmaids. You will notice they are all different. That is called being human. They will each have good qualities and they each have issues with their bodies they are not thrilled with. While some bridesmaids seem to be able to wear any cut, hem, and neckline without issue, she is rare. Below you will find a few tips that make choosing the bridesmaid’s dresses a much easier task.

Tradition or Uniformity

Traditionally, bridesmaids wear the same dress. If you are going with this time-proven tradition, it is important to simplify the dress. A dress that is not extremely form-fitting will complement the shapely bridesmaid while assisting others in hiding their flaws. A dress with straps or sleeves will give the look of elegance and will eliminate problems that a strapless dress sometimes brings to the woman with a larger upper body. The length of the dress is important. A short (above the knee) dress or a floor-length dress will work with all body types. A mini or tea-length dress is not as flattering on the very tall or the very short.

If you are less concerned with tradition consider allowing the bridesmaids to choose their own dress in their own style. Set a range of colors for them to choose from and let them know if they are to choose casual, dressy, or formal. Some brides give their bridesmaids full freedom of selection and allow them to make all their own choices. This makes for a fun and unique wedding and some great wedding photos. Visit The Knot for inspiration on how to pull this all together. Step back and let them make their choices and have a modern and stunning wedding party.

Set a budget 

In order to keep the dresses within a certain class and quality set a budget for the bridesmaids to stay within. The dress should not exceed $300 in most cases but should be at least $150. (Of course, that is regular price. If they can find the dress on sale for less that is a bonus!).

ColorAzazie x Details Made Simple Wedding Day Coordinator

One of the hottest colors for the year and a projected best choice for 2017 is Champagne. Champagne is beautiful in an elegant setting, paired with bold colors or accented with quiet creams or ivory. Champagne bridesmaids dresses are stunning next to gold and is accented so well with black; it makes a perfect statement for the formal church wedding. In an outdoor wedding or a beach wedding, aqua, teal, peach and sunset colors work beautifully. An authority on creating your wow factor is Brides.com.

You cannot make everyone happy. It is your special day and it is up to you to create the wedding of your dreams. By being open minded and considerate of the concerns of the bridesmaids, you can make your life much easier. Everyone will be beautiful and you can just relax and enjoy your day!


Guest Post: Plan the Perfect Honeymoon with Honeyfund


Marrying your better half is the first step in starting a beautiful life together. As a couple, embarking on this journey will have its ups and downs, but you’ll know if you are right for one another before you step foot on the altar on your big day.

This courageous journey is exciting to say the least. And the adventure begins on the glorious honeymoon vacation that you’ll take soon after you recite your vows during the marriage ceremony.

Paying for a wedding is an expensive proposition. In order to have the wedding of your dreams, you took every chance that you had to raise capital or save money so that your big day would be perfect when the time came. You should put forth the same amount of effort to raise funds for your honeymoon.

Your honeymoon is important because it’s the first thing you’ll do together as a married couple. So you want this happy occasion to be perfect!

How can you make it perfect? Honeyfund, the crowdfunding website dedicated to help happy couples raise funds for honeymoon bliss, is an extremely popular way to receive money needed to pay for the perfect trip. It’s the whole reason why the website was created in the first place.

Honeyfund x DetailsMadeSimple

Honeyfund’s Humble Beginnings

Although this website is finally starting to catch the public’s attention, most people still have never heard of this dynamic honeymoon registry. And that’s a shame because it’s changing the way that we receive wedding gifts for the better.

The founders of this website created it originally because they didn’t have enough money to go on their dream honeymoon. Instead of having a less than satisfactory experience during this momentum occasion, Sara and Josh Margulis decided to take matters into their own hands. Before long, they set up a honeymoon registry that helped soon to be married couples like themselves receive “sponsorships” in lieu of traditional gifts. And this allowed them to get the money to pay for their dream honeymoon.

For one reason or another, couples are often hesitant to ask for “sponsorships” on this honeymoon registry. Some just aren’t that familiar with crowdfunding. Others feel that they shouldn’t receive money instead of traditional wedding gifts.

Do you need money to pay for your honeymoon? Try Honeyfund today and experience the same benefits as thousands of others in your shoes.

Honeyfund x DetailsMadeSimple

Is Honeyfund the Best Honeymoon Registry to Meet My Crowdfunding Needs?

We can’t think of a better honeymoon registry besides Honeyfund. This site is perfect because it lets you use its platform for free. It’s unique and has many wonderful features. Our favorite is the honeymoon itinerary planner. It lets you add specific activities to your crowdfunding page. And then your guests can make donations based on the activities that they would like to pay for.

Plumfund x DetailsMadeSimple

Other Crowdfunding Benefits

If you intend to raise funds for other important milestones during your marriage, we recommend using the Honeyfund sister site called Plumfund.

There are many ways to take advantage of crowdfunding. For married couples, here are a few of our favorites:

  • pay off student loans
  • raise money for a down payment on a new home
  • pay off outstanding credit card debt
  • raise money for in vitro fertilization

Are you ready to take the perfect honeymoon vacation? Honeyfund will help make your dreams a reality.

Go Shawty, it's our Birthday!

Go, go, a go Shawty, it’s our Birthday!!

We are so excited to celebrate our 5th anniversary today! We are so blessed and thankful for the last 5 years, what an amazing ride it has been! With 5yrs down, now a team of 8, over 200 weddings done and many fabulous brides and grooms that will forever be in our hearts, we are blessed to celebrate such a great accomplishment with you!

Details Made Simple Turns 5

You may have heard me say this before and I still stands by that I seriously have the best team in the wedding industry and we have so much to be proud of! Each one of us has this crazy obsession with weddings and undying passion for helping others, and that is what truly sets us apart.

The Details Made Simple Wedding Day Coordinators

In honor of this amazing milestone, lets celebrate 5 years with an additional 5% OFF any full Wedding Coordination Package till the end of the month! *new clients only *

Help us celebrate by spreading the word, SHARE the news to your engaged friends, family members and fellow  #girlbosses!



The super proud Owner & Founder of Details Made Simple

Details Made Simple Wedding Day Coordinator Celebrates 100 Weddings!

wedding day coordinator

Details Made Simple Wedding Day Coordinator Celebrates 100 Weddings!

We are so excited to say that today we celebrate our 100th wedding since the launch of Details Made Simple in 2011!

Wow, what a fabulous ride it has been! Being a wedding day coordinator is so awesome! It has been a true pleasure to work with each and every one of our brides as each one has impacted our lives in one way or another! It is so humbling to know that the hard work we do turns into the reason why our brides have the dream of their perfect wedding become a reality.

To celebrate such a fabulous accomplishment and to show our appreciation we are offering $100 OFF any full package for the month of April. So if you have any gal pals getting hitched you, please pass this on to them!

wedding day coordinator

To our first 100 brides, THANK YOU for being a part of this accomplishment! We are so honored to have been a part of your special day!

So please join us at we toast to our greatest accomplishment to date! Here’s to our first 100 weddings and to the next 100 fabulous weddings we do! CHEERS! (…clink clink)


Carla, Michelle and Shadé


We Did it Again! The Knot 2015 Pick | The Best of Weddings

image1We are so excited and blessed to be chosen by real couples as a top wedding professional in The Knot Best of Weddings 2015! Only the top 2% of wedding vendors nationwide got to take this crown!!

Thank you to all our wonderful brides for all your support and amazing reviews of us! This makes 3 years in a row for us now and it is all because of you!

About UsThank you from the bottom of our hearts, WE LOVE YOU!


The Details Made Simple Girls!

Details Made Simple's 3rd Anniversary!

3rd bday graphic

It was three years ago today when I sitting in my living room thinking, there has to be a way to help brides and groom make there big day completely stress-free and amazing. Three years ago today I thought about how with all my skills and passion for love, I can definitely do something about this and Details Made Simple was born!

It’s been a long road to build such a unique company to what it is today, but we would be nothing if it wasn’t for all our amazing brides throughout the years. Every single one of them has changed our lives, one wedding at a time, in some way or another and for that we are eternally grateful.

I look look forward to providing the best services in the tri-state area and still being one the New Jersey’s top wedding vendors!


~ Carla Friday

Owner of Details Made Simple

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