Oh yeaaaaaa, Wedding Day is coming soon! As your wedding Wedding Coordinator, I know how important it is to make your big day (and the events leading up to it) unforgettable for you and your guests. I’m excited to introduce you to a party favor that will take your wedding celebration to the next level: Undo The Booze! TRUST us, it works and we’ve got an exclusive discount for you!

Undo The Booze is a doctor-formulated hangover-prevention supplement filled with replenishing vitamins, healing herbs & minerals, and soothing adaptogens. No headaches, no nausea & no HANGXIETY! With this plant-powered supplement, you can have your boozy fun and feel good later too. Never any sugar and fillers like some of the other hangover products on the market. Whether you’re boozing at your Bachelor(ette) party, wedding shower, rehearsal dinner, reception, OR honeymoon, you don’t want to ruin those moments with a brutal hangover. If you want your guests feeling great all weekend long, this is the perfect favor for you.

Here’s why Undo The Booze is the perfect addition to your wedding season:

  1. You’re preventing hangovers: We all know that celebrations often come with a side of overindulgence. Undo The Booze is specifically designed to combat those post-celebration hangovers. Your guests will thank you for providing them with the ultimate party favor that promotes a hassle-free recovery and allows them to fully enjoy the festivities.

  1. It’s inclusive and appreciated: Whether your guests are casual drinkers, dance floor enthusiasts, or simply want to celebrate all night long, Undo The Booze is suitable for everyone. It’s a gesture that shows you care about their well-being and want them to have a memorable time while staying refreshed and energized throughout and after the event. These capsules are gluten-free, vegan & safe for nursing mothers. Your guests will thank you later!

  1. The packs are conveniently packaged: The convenient, chic, and individually portioned packs allow you to Undo The Booze where ever you are! Throw the packs in your wedding welcome hotel guest bags, set them on the bar, or even pass them out on trays at the end of the night – Undo The Booze is fun & easy!

Ready to make Undo The Booze the highlight of your wedding favors? The Party Pack is filled with 200 packs of Undo The Booze! The best part is, we have an exclusive discount code for you. Visit UndoSupplements.com and use code: DMS10 for 10% off (everything), making each pack only $2.68! Have less than 200 guests? Use the extra packs for some of the festivities leading up to your wedding day like on your bachelor(ette), rehearsal dinner, or take on your honeymoon, so you can live your best lives, hangover free! 

Hey, I personally tried Undo the Booze while on vacation, took it after a day of drinking, and woke up like a fully refreshed angel, ready to do it all over again! This stuff is the TRUTH!

Want to try it out ?? Undo the Booze has a WEDDING SAMPLE PROGRAM so you can try the product and fall in love with hangover-prevention just like I was able to do! To receive two complimentary samples, go HERE and fill out this and they are yours!

Cheers to a hangover-free wedding season!