Sometimes you just need a few extras! These are the perfect addition to any package.

Prices for the below services start at $100 and up and will need to be quoted based on needs.

A la carte services and extras include the following:

  • Rehearsal practice for the wedding party and family (Choreographed).
  • Assistance in assembling and sending out wedding invitations.
  • Second wedding coordinator on-site day-of for up to 12hrs.
  • Return of tuxedos and other rental items after the wedding.
  • Out-of-Town guest bags — assembly and delivery.
  • Dress Fitting Attendance
  • Assembly and packaging of wedding favors.
  • Gift transport and delivery.
  • DIY Projects — we would LOVE to help with your D.I.Y. projects!
  • Help with the sourcing of paper items such a invitations/agendas/menus (not design).
  • Extra hours for your wedding day coordinator.
  • Don’t see what you need, just ask us about it, we will accommodate!

Contact us for adding any item to your wedding coordination package and for individual pricing.


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*  The paid in full discount and other discounts do not apply for major holiday weddings and will incur an additional 20% package fee. These terms apply to events booked for Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day.
*  Paid in Full discounts do not apply to weddings booked less than 30 days out, as we require all final payments to be paid 30 days prior to the wedding date.
*  For liability reasons, our Coordinators cannot serve food or drinks to guests, bus tables, hang anything decorations that require a ladder, or move anything that is heavy enough to require machinery.