WOW!! The seasons are changing and we are upon the beauty of autumn once again. This is the season for reflection as it also reminds us that the end of another year is right in front of us. I love to see the plentiful fruits and vegetables that are harvested in the fall. I think about the farmers who planned, planted and nurtured their crops all through the spring and summer to now enjoy the fruits of their labor that will sustain them through the winter and beyond. Much like the farmer, we need to plan, plant and nurture our marriages to reap our own joyous harvests. Here are 5 fruitful seeds to plant for your own abundant marriage. 

  1. Plan your planting season  No one is rushing you to get married but you. You have a strong voice in when you get married. No, you cannot bring your husband right when you think you want him, but trust that when he comes it is the best time. From that point it is up to you to say what timing is best. Be sure that your soil (your heart) is fertilized and able to receive plenty of water (mentors) and sunlight (education).                                                                                   
  2. Know your crop  If you handle number one properly, knowing your crop (your mate) will flow. The man you dated and the man you were engaged to will continue to grow and evolve as your husband. Pay attention to his growth patterns. Notice the changes in his thoughts and his health so you can be prepared to add some extra food (encouragement and compliments), vitamins (quality time) and maybe even a plant stabilizer (taking on extra chores and responsibilities) for extra support.                                                                                                                                                                                  
  3. Stop hating on your neighbors corn field when you plant pumpkin seeds  Did you follow step number two? You must know your crop in order to appreciate the fruit it bears. There are other men who will be the same age, have the same career and be with his woman for the same length of time as your man, but they are still two different men with two different journeys. Yes, farming (aka marriage) can be laborious, tiresome and annoying, but you chose to be a farmer and you picked the seeds (aka your mate). Be patient and know that the right amount love and nurturing will strengthen your relationship in due season. Would you induce labor at 5 months because you’re tired of being pregnant?                                                                            
  4. Who are your field hands? It’s ok. As we mentioned in step three, marriage can be tiresome. You are entitled to your true feelings. What is important is how you respond to those feelings. How do you release your tension and clear your mind? We all need strong and loyal confidantes in our corner. Having one or two close girlfriends or a family member to confide in is ok. You may even need to involve HIS closest friend or family member to step in and have a conversation when appropriate. Just be certain that you go back to him when you’re in a calm state to address the issues so you can keep the weeds and beetles from destroying what you’ve created.                                                                                                                                                 
  5. Share your harvest!! One of the great things about marriage is being able to share it with the world. I love seeing genuinely happy couples having a private loving moment or laughing infectiously with each other. It is also a great benefit to share stories of what you’ve overcome with another couple that is going through a dry season. Be mindful of sharing while you’re still going through. If they aren’t your field hands, they don’t belong in your crop. They can meet you at the farmer’s market with the rest of the world!

 As you grow and think like a farmer, you will reap the rewards of the farmer. Trust that every great thing takes time to develop. Learn through the process and watch your harvest increase with each passing year.

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~ Kristin M. Young – The Marriage Enthusiast




Kristin Michelle Young is a wife, mother student, teacher, speaker, coach and marriage ENTHUSIAST! She founded Living the Vows as a platform to promote the joys of marriage and to minimize the perils of divorce. Kristin and her husband, James, have been living the vows through a fun and loving marriage and are committed to guiding other couples into the greatness that marriage was meant to be. They are the proud parents of 5 beautiful children and 5 grandchildren. Learn more at

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