Details Made Simple is a premier award-winning Day of Wedding Coordinator who provides complete wedding day management services for New Jersey, NYC Area, Philadelphia, Baltimore & DC Metro Areas and assists couples who are planning their own weddings.

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Here at Details Made Simple, we have this undying passion for ensuring our couples wedding days are well-organized, unforgettable, and nothing short of amazing. With over 1,000 weddings completed and counting, Day of Wedding Coordination is all we do, it’s our thing! 


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Think of us like your very own wedding day insurance policy!


Simply put – a day-of wedding coordinator is a person responsible for making sure a couple’s wedding day is executed perfectly.  Our role includes overseeing your vendors, creating and managing the timeline, and overcoming any last-minute challenges or changes that arise during the festivities, just to name a few.  A Wedding Coordinator is an essential vendor needed for any couple who wants to do most of the planning themselves but knows they need a professional to execute all of their hard work planning the perfect wedding day. We take all your wedding details, get them sorted and organized, and make them simple by taking all of that hard work you did during the planning process and producing the much-needed day of the wedding “game plan”.  

The day of coordinator is responsible for the flawless execution of the already-made plans.

The wedding-obsessed ladies at Details Made Simple are here to help you execute your wedding plans and details that you have spent so much time and money pulling together, we will make sure all of your wedding day details are in the right place at the right time! We handle everything from setting up and styling your wedding to organizing the wedding party and important family members to making sure that each vendor knows exactly where they need to be and so much more. 

Your mind will be at ease and you can be confident that all of your hard work will be executed and styled the way you always envisioned it with your Wedding Day Coordinator. Hey, we know that you are on it and fully capable of the planning, from there our goal is to have you feeling like you’re a guest at your own wedding! After all, you’ve planned the perfect wedding, shouldn’t you enjoy it? What’s our goal?  To allow our couples to focus completely on enjoying their wedding guests and taking in every moment of their wedding day. Our Coordinators will be there every step of the day making sure your day is nothing short of amazing!


What Does a Day of Wedding Coordinator Do?

Honestly, anything you need! Day of Coordinators are pretty much a gift from the Gods with you on your wedding day, think of us as your wedding day insurance policy.  The masters of logistics – we are the ladies behind the scenes, making sure that your wedding day goes as smoothly as you planned it, so you don’t have to worry about ANYTHING because we shift the role (and stress!) of the day-of execution from you to us! It’s our job to keep everything organized and running smoothly on the day of your wedding (and leading up to it). We are the Peace of Mind you have been looking for!

We are the master of logistics and your personal day of problem solver!


What to expect from a DMS Wedding Coordinator? 

  • Wedding day timeline creation for the entire day of the wedding.
  • Be the point person for vendors – so questions are diverted away from you and your family.
  • Help identify any flaws in the already planned fun or any details that may be missing
  • Provides Wedding Day Management and oversee the entire event.
  • Works with any restrictions or guidelines related to any state mandates at the time, ensuring your wedding is set up properly for everyone’s safety.
  • Make sure pictures run seamlessly and on time.
  • Direct and line up your bridal party for the ceremony.
  • Cue musicians and entertainment.
  • Work with your officiant to make sure your rehearsal runs smoothly.
  • Coordinate the change-over (or cocktail hour).
  • Oversee that your reception runs and looks as planned.
  • Set up and style all of your details and decor.
  • Triple confirms that all vendors are on time and present.
  • Make sure that all your important wedding materials and memories get back to you and so much more!


When Do You Need a Day-of Wedding Coordinator?



Many couples hire a day-of wedding coordinator simply because they are planning their wedding themselves, and they need someone to oversee all the hard work they went through planning the perfect day, goes as planned. After all, you should have some help too, right? You don’t have to do it alone, we are here to support you!



These are our favorite types of weddings, actually! All your creativity and personalization with your DIY wedding will come to life with a day of coordinator ensuring all these special details are set up and styled to perfection. We will make sure you aren’t missing any pieces to the wedding; especially small parts non-professionals might overlook. 



While staff at traditional wedding venues know how to seamlessly pull off a wedding – even a traditional venue wedding should have a day of coordinator on the team. Non-traditional venues are a whole other animal when it comes to pulling off. Perhaps you are having your big day at a vineyard, park, private rental space, or even at your home – Couples using non-traditional wedding venues should get a day-of wedding coordinator to make sure the venue is set up properly for their festivities. Non-traditional venues lack onsite wedding staff, so having someone in charge and running wedding day management, making sure all logistics and vendors are running smoothly, is a MUST!



Let’s face it, trying to plan a wedding is complicated enough, but add different religions, cultural customs, and formalities into the mix, and you’ve got yourself a whole other layer of complexity! Whether you are having a fusion South Asian / American mixed wedding with elements from both worlds or a super large traditional Nigerian wedding with elements like two ceremonies – we’ve got you covered. There are a lot of moving parts, a ton of cultural details, decor, and special moments, so having a team of coordinators executing this unique day will be the best investment you make out of the whole wedding! 


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