Details Made Simple is a Day of Wedding Coordinator who provides complete wedding day management services for NJ, NY, Philly & DC Metro Area and assists brides on the wedding planning process.

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Premier Award Winning Wedding Day Coordinators | Details Made Simple

Details Made Simple is a premier award winning Day of Wedding Coordinator service specializing in day of coordination with over 15 years of industry experience. Details Made Simple was launched in 2011 from the inspiration of Founder, Carla Friday, who has this undying passion for helping make a couples wedding day unforgettable.

What exactly is a Wedding Day Coordinator? Simply put – a Day of Coordinator is essential for the bride and groom who wants to do most of the planning themselves, but when their wedding day arrives, they need a professional to execute all of their hard work and planning. We take all of your hard work that was done during the planning process and help you put all those lovely details together and shifting the role (and stress!) of day-of execution from you to us! We handle everything from setting up and styling your wedding to organizing the wedding party and important family members, to making sure that each vendor knows exactly where they need to be and so much more. Our Coordinators will be there every step of the day making sure your day is nothing short of amazing!

The savvy ladies at Details Made Simple are here to help you execute your wedding plans and details that you have spent so much time and money pulling together, we will make sure all of your wedding day details are in the right place at the right time! Your mind will be at ease and you can be confident that all of your hard work will be executed and styled the way you always envisioned it with your Wedding Coordinator. We know that you are on it and capable of the planning, from there our goal is to have you feel like you’re a guest at your own wedding! After all, you’ve planned the perfect wedding, shouldn’t you enjoy it?

What Does a Wedding Coordinator Do?

Anything you need! We are available for our brides and grooms to make sure that all aspects of their special day are seamless and worry free. It’s our job to keep everything organized and running smoothly on the day of your wedding. Think of us as the peace of mind you have been looking for!

Your Details Made Simple Day of Wedding Coordinator will:

  • Wedding day timeline creation of events for the day of the wedding
  • Be the point of contact for your wedding vendors and guests if questions and or issues arise
  • Provide Wedding Management and oversee entire event.
  • Work with your officiant to make sure your rehearsal runs smoothly
  • Direct and line-up your bridal party for the ceremony
  • Cue musicians and entertainment
  • Make sure pictures run seamless and on time
  • Coordinate the change-over (or cocktail hour)
  • Over see that your reception runs and looks as planned
  • Set up and style all of your D.I.Y. project – we LOVE DIY!
  • Triple confirm that all vendors are on time and present
  • Make sure that all your important wedding materials and memories get back to you and so much more!


Please visit our Wedding Coordination Packages page to learn more about what your favorite Wedding Coordinator can do for you!

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Carla Friday
Founder | Wedding Day Coordinator
  Serves: Central/North NJ and NYC

Carla is proud to call Details Made Simple her own! As a Wedding Coordinator, Carla puts her meticulous organizational skills and professional list making to good use, and with years of event planning, graphic design, arts and crafts experience, she is able to make all of her couples wedding day memorable.

“As the owner of such a unique company, I hold myself and my amazing team to high standards, exceeding our client’s expectations on a daily basis. Developing a personal relationship with each bride (and groom) is the key to making each their weddings perfect and memorable, and this is important to us.” says Carla.

Carla continues to attend yearly wedding expos and training to stay on top of the latest trends and news in the wedding world! After months of planning every aspect of your wedding, leave the details to Miss Friday, she has got you covered! Think of her as your very own “Gal Friday!”

Shadé Coleman
Wedding Day Coordinator
  Services: Central/North NJ and NYC

Working in the hospitality industry since 2005 has given Shadé a great outlook on providing our brides with personal upscale service. Her professional experience includes event planning & event coordinating for social gatherings, corporate seminars and various cultural weddings including Hindu, Asian, Pakistani, Jewish & Angolan. Shadé has also traveled abroad to Belgium where she studied International Tourism & Hotel Operations and learned how significant it is to know about different traditions around the world.

Her knowledge of the inner workings of venues will give added security that your wedding day will go on without a hitch. With a Certification in Event Planning and a B.A. in Hospitality Management from Johnson & Wales University, she is educated about the field and will ensure that you “enjoy every moment” of your wedding day!

Kim Martir
Wedding Day Coordinator
  Services: Philly and Central NJ

Brides call Kim the “Wedding Ninja” as she knows what it takes to get a wedding planned and executed perfectly and is not afraid to use her moves to make it happen! Kim is extremely detail oriented, organized and an expert DIY’er. She believes in the importance of personalizing every little detail of your wedding, allowing it to act as a reflection of your unique love and relationship.  With over 6 years’ experience in the industry, Kim is extremely familiar with venues and vendors throughout the NYC, NJ and Philadelphia areas, allowing her insight on relationships, genres and specialties. As a Day of Wedding Coordinator, she is never afraid to take charge and exceed her client’s expectations. She is very aware of exactly how important this day is, and will allow nothing less than perfection to occur throughout each and every moment.

Shanika L. Peterson
Wedding Day Coordinator
  Services: Central/North NJ and NYC

Shanika has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and has 10+ years of event planning experience ranging from weddings, movie premieres, artist showcases and performances, entertainment industry events, and more! With her ”can-do” attitude, superior attention to detail, and pleasant but efficient personality, Shanika utilizes her skills and talents to assure that every bride and groom leaves their wedding with joy, satisfaction and zero worries.

“Being a wedding coordinator for a wedding is very much so about fine tuning all details for the special day, but it is equally about making sure the Bride & Groom, wedding party, and guests are happy, relaxed, and fully enjoying their day…that takes more than coordination skills, it takes finesse!”, says Shanika.

With Shanika’s experience, knowledge and passion for making an event come together from start to finish, she is sure to make your wedding day flawless and stress-free.

“Your wedding day signifies where a lifetime commitment begins for two people, a day that will be cherished and remembered for a lifetime and that is a BIG deal to me, which is why I handle it with such care.” ~ Shanika L. Peterson

Candice Moore
Wedding Day Coordinator
  Services: Philadelphia, NJ and NYC

As a tenured hospitality professional since 2008, Candice has fostered a strong passion for exceptional service in a variety of settings. Starting out as an intern working on convention size city-wide events, Candice has maneuvered through various roles within the hotel industry finally realizing her passion would remain in the world of event planning and coordination, and specifically wedding coordination. Now through her experience working with various cultures, Nigerian, Spanish, & Jewish to name a few – Candice has gained a plethora of knowledge of different traditions making her a valuable asset for your big day.

Putting her Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management to use has been an interesting journey for Candice, combining that with her undying passion for weddings makes her the perfect addition to the Details Made Simple team of wedding coordinators in the Philadelphia area. From working with a variety of vendors, greeting you and your bridal party with a reassuring smile and composed demeanor, to putting the final touches on those already planned personal details that make all the difference on your big day, Candice is your “go-to” girl for all things weddings, big or small. With a relentless drive to execute every event flawlessly, Candice is available to offer you absolute peace of mind and ensure that you have more than fond memories of the biggest day of your life!

April Krogstad
Wedding Day Coordinator
  Services: Philly and Central NJ

As a recent bride, April knows what it takes to execute a wedding flawlessly. While planning her wedding she chose not to have a day of wedding coordinator, realizing as the day got closer that trying to do everything herself was a BIG mistake. Although the day was beautiful, she spent the morning trying to keep everyone on time, making sure all of the vendors arrived and constantly checked that everything was being set up to expectations. Having been through this stressful experience, she wants to provide every bride with peace of mind on their big day. Aprils attention to detail and ability to get things done, makes her the perfect Day of Coordinator for any event, big or small. She loves assisting brides with new ideas and D.I.Y. touches. With many years of event planning experience, she has a strong  knowledge of local vendors in the New Jersey and Philadelphia area. With her passion for the business and love of weddings, she will ensure that every bride has the dream day they always wanted.

Jessica Zimny
Wedding Day Coordinator
  Services: Central/North NJ and NYC

Jessica graduated from Rutgers University in 2011 with a Degree in Biology. While her current role utilizes her scientific background, her true passion is in event planning and orchestrating the perfect day for couples! Jessica knows the inside scoop on all the ups and downs of wedding planning having been personally involved in 8 weddings, big and small, throughout the past year and a half alone! Having participated in weddings that lacked a Day of Wedding Coordinator, she naturally took on that role to help eliminate all the stress her bride and grooms experienced when trying to tackle every start-to-finish detail on their own. Jessica is an excellent multi-tasker, and is very organized and detail oriented. Jessica thrives on ensuring that even the smallest details are done to perfection. She loves to organize events, and she enjoys the diversity that every client/event offers. Jess works hard so that your plans are carried out smoothly and focuses on making your big day the reality you’ve worked so hard for it to be. So relax and fully enjoy the wedding you’ve been dreaming of!

Michele Chu
Wedding Day Coordinator
  Services: Central NJ and Philly

Michele has been in the wedding industry since graduating in 2010 from Mount Holyoke College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. She began her career that summer as an intern for a wedding planning company in NYC. After years of honing her wedding coordination and planning skills as a Sales and Event Manager, Michele became an Wedding and Events Coordinator at an upscale venue in New Jersey where she has successfully coordinated over 300 weddings, special events and corporate parties ranging from 50 to 1000+ guests while simultaneously managing dozens of vendors. What really drives Michele is the delighted look on the couple’s face when they see their vision come to life. She understands the significance of every small detail that makes a wedding unique and personal. She is always available to answer any and every question. Day of, Michele is there behind the scenes to ensure that your special day runs smoothly so that you can be present and enjoy every moment of your wedding.

Brooke Watson
Wedding Day Coordinator
  Services: DC Metro Area

Having worked in the events industry for over 10 years, Brooke takes great pride in creating memorable experiences for her couples. Her career started in entertainment having worked for the likes of Universal Music Group, Island Def Jam and Sister 2 Sister Magazine to name a  few. She credits her love for event  planning to her mother, who is also an event planner. “I grew up seeing my Mom play such an important role in special moments in people’s lives…I wanted to do the same!” Brooke considers herself to be a professional juggler, taking pride in the ability to manage multiple things at once; a necessary requirement when it comes to wedding day coordination. Couple that with her charismatic and friendly personality and you’re sure to walk away not just feeling like a client, but a friend.

“A woman’s wedding day is something she dreams about as a child and looks forward to the day she can carry it out. For that one day, she’s a princess. Everyone’s eyes are on her. It’s HER day. It’s such an honor to make that day be a memorable experience for her”, says Brooke.

Zaakira Harris
Wedding Day Coordinator
  Services: DC Metro Area

Zaakira noticed her love for wedding planning at a very early age. While other little girls were playing with barbie dolls, Zaakira was picking out the perfect linen and color scheme for her play doll house weddings!

Later on in life Zaakira took advantage of interning for various events while pursuing her Bachelors Degree at Howard University.  Since then, Zaakira began a career in Hospitality Management and was overseeing many operations with the catering events department, which sparked a whole new love and passion for weddings all over again. 

Zaakira’s extensive customer service background as well as her ability to provide unique and creative solutions while running a large operation, makes her a great addition to the DMS team! She is super sweet, reliable and her attention to detail is the biggest key to making sure a couples wedding day is nothing sure of amazing!


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